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User Satisfaction Through UX Audit Services

We identify usability flaws, design errors, and efficiency issues, providing actionable recommendations to improve your digital presence.

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Facing UX Challenges? Our UX Audit Services Offer The Solution.

First things first

    • our comprehensive heuristic evaluation! This core service involves a 360-degree assessment where we systematically review your product using usability principles to pinpoint current UX issues. This process enables us to create improved user flows and designs that are in line with your business objectives.

User Analysis

    • Our experts conduct an in-depth examination of user patterns and pain points. This provides an overview of how users interact with your site/app, their preferences, and dislikes. Through this analysis, we delve into the core behaviours of your users, mapping out their journey.

Competitive Analysis

    • To gain a competitive edge, understanding what sets you apart from competitors is crucial. At Mount Pixels, our UX audit services encompass a comprehensive market and competitor analysis. By identifying points of friction, our experts devise solutions to position your product for market dominance.

Proto Personas

    • Our UX experts craft proto-personas, a key tool for user-centric design and development. Drawing from extensive experience and insights gathered about your business, this preliminary step lays the foundation for detailed user research, enabling informed design decisions.

Accessibility Practices

    • Adhering to accessibility standards is crucial for ensuring your digital product is accessible to everyone. With a focus on delivering the best user experience that is inclusive and user-friendly, our UX audit services also encompass compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).


    • Our thorough analysis is meticulously documented in a comprehensive report. What sets our user experience audit service apart is our attention to detail, capturing insights that others may overlook. But it doesn’t stop there; we also provide a roadmap outlining impactful UX changes aligned with your business goals.

The Foundation of Our UX Audit Process

Our team integrates a phenomenal user experience supported by a robust process that boasts a history of successful audits

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Requirement Gathering
○ Business Needs Assessment
○ Customer Experience Mapping
○ Persona Development
○ User Perspectives Understanding
Formulate Strategy
○ Project Initiation
○ Technical Assessment of PSD Files
○ Layout Evaluation
○ Responsive Design Planning
PSD to HTML Transformation
○ Conversion Process
○ HTML5/CSS3 Coding
○ JavaScript Features
○ Compatibility and Performance Optimization
Quality Control
○ Cross-Browser Compatibility Testing
○ Responsive Design Testing
○ Code Inspection
○ Code Enhancement
Feature Work
Feature Work
Feature Work

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