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Transforming Xarrago's Digital Presence and Boosting Sales

Xarrago is known for contemporary, varie­d home light fixtures. They supply e­verything from chandeliers to wall lighting. What se­ts them apart is their affordably priced ite­ms and across-the-country shipping, attracting high-end and budget buye­rs alike.

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Executive Summary

Z’Mario, a luxury kitchen design provider, faced challenges with a weak social media presence, inconsistent post quality, fake followers, and poor lead generation. To address these, Mount Pixels removed fake followers, created social media post guidelines, curated monthly content calendars, ran paid engagement campaigns, and collaborated with digital e-magazines. This strategic approach led to a more engaged and authentic audience, visually appealing posts, enhanced credibility, and a significant increase in quality leads and social media engagement.

Provided Services

Xarrago encountered significant challenges due to the absence of a dedicated online presence, hindering its ability to showcase products and engage effectively with customers. Additionally, the quality of incoming messages was subpar, impacting customer interaction and conversion rates. Moreover, low engagement and brand awareness posed further obstacles, limiting Xarrago’s visibility and growth prospects within the competitive home decor industry.

Challenges We Faced

Absence of Online Presence

Low-Quality Messages

Low Engagement and Awareness

The Solution & Implementation

Through these strategic initiatives, we successfully addressed the challenges faced by Xarrago, enhancing its online presence, improving message quality, and increasing engagement and awareness within its target market.

Leveraging platforms such as Messenger and WhatsApp, we established efficient channels for order confirmations and customer inquiries, overcoming the absence of a dedicated website.

By implementing intent-based lead generation strategies, we attracted higher quality leads and messages, ensuring that Xarrago could engage with prospects who were genuinely interested in their products.

We identified and targeted premium audiences, as well as individuals interested in luxury lifestyle and home renovation, along with professionals in the construction industry, to increase engagement and reach the right customers.

To optimize Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), we created Custom and Lookalike Audiences based on potential customers, running remarketing campaigns to re-engage with interested prospects and improve conversion rates.


The results of our collaboration with Xarrago were nothing short of remarkable. With our targeted marketing efforts, the quality of messages increased substantially from 10% to 70%. Moreover, Xarrago experienced a significant uptick in order conversions, indicating a tangible improvement in sales performance. Our strategic approach not only enhanced engagement but also contributed to a notable increase in brand awareness and market penetration for Xarrago.

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Xarrago - CEO
Moosa Hemani
Marketing Director - Xarrago
Abbas Hemani
Marketing Manager - Xarrago
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