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Delivering measurable ROI through optimized paid media efforts.

Selection and audit of platforms

  • Our initial phase in paid media marketing involves platform selection. Numerous platforms offer PPC advertising in Pakistan, such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, Shopzilla, and more. Following the platform selection, we undertake a thorough audit to identify any shortcomings in your current paid media marketing campaigns.

Setting up your campaign.

  • Following platform selection and audit, our next step involves crafting a tailored campaign for your PPC marketing endeavors in Pakistan. Our team collaborates with you to establish clear objectives for the campaign. These objectives may include enhancing brand awareness, boosting sales, or driving increased traffic to your site. Subsequently, we identify your target audience and devise campaigns specifically designed to resonate with them.

Implementing tracking mechanisms.

  • Following campaign setup, our Pay Per Click Agency in Pakistan diligently tracks its performance and makes necessary refinements. We ensure you’re kept abreast of your campaigns’ effectiveness and glean valuable insights. Our team monitors how your audience engages with the campaign and assesses how individual promotional activities impact your brand perception. This data is pivotal in shaping future campaigns and revisiting objectives.

Publishing and conducting A/B tests.

  • Following the publication of ad copies and creatives for your paid media marketing campaign, we continue to conduct A/B testing to identify the most effective ad elements, enhance ROI, and optimize their efficacy. Our PPC Management Services in Pakistan conducts simultaneous experiments with different ad variations to minimize time-based variables that could skew results. By testing one component at a time, we isolate the factors influencing your ad’s performance, enabling us to make informed optimizations.

Monitoring and evaluating

    • Our paid media marketing specialists meticulously monitor various metrics including impressions, click-through rates, average CPC, conversions, quality score, and average position to assess the performance of your campaign. We evaluate the success of your campaigns based on your objectives, leveraging insights collection and assessment capabilities. Key strategies involve measuring the advertisement’s reach, determining effective frequency, and identifying touchpoints requiring refinement.

Our PPC Marketing Process

We develop and implement data-driven paid marketing strategies to increase our client’s online visibility and boost their ROI. Our SEM team ensures that your digital profile grows in an ethical and natural way.

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○ Business analysis
○ Campaign objective
○ Preparing proposal
○ Deciding deliverables
○ Industry research
○ Competitor research
○ Selecting marketing channels
○ Strategy development
A/B Testing
○ Experimenting with ads
○ Experimenting with content
○ Testing SEO techniques
○ Analyzing audience behavior
○ Creating campaign
○ Content production
○ Strategy optimization
○ Analysis
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